Violence Reduction

PFA & PTSM training provides you with the tools to conduct five basic violence interventions and prevention strategies:

  1. Post-trauma/violence impact and needs assessments implemented by community leaders
  2. Orientation sessions that provide ongoing accurate information about the event, the decedents, psychoeducation about survivor physical and emotional reactions following a trauma, resource installation and resiliency building
  3. Stabilization groups that include 15-20 participants, last approximately 45 minutes, usually conducted within 3-5 days of the incident and focus on (a) psychological safety building, (b) grounding and mindfulness techniques and (c) self care and substance abuse information all aimed at the reduction of neurophysiological arousal secondary to the traumatic stress exposure
  4. Coping groups provided over 3-4 weeks which focus on multiple cognitive and neurophysiological strategies for adapting to the traumatic stress and loss
  5. Ongoing technical assistance for the community leaders most impacted by the event to assist them intermediate and long-term stabilization and recovery challenges.