Our Partners

We work with local, national and international partners to provide the most robust and up to date services.


International Trauma Center

The International Trauma Center (ITR) has devoted its resources and extraordinary personnel to the design, development and practice of the fusion of state of the art emergency medical and psychosocial interventions that allow the service provider and the patient to access resilient recovery in shorter periods of time with less invasive care. ICDR provides the Boston Childrens Foundation with the medical expertise and the disaster behavioral health expertise to respond to disaster management challenges across diverse settings with a particular focus on children and long term child protection post disaster.


The Office of Juvenile Justice &
Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)

In a remarkably swift response to the data, OJJDP has moved to support Trauma Informed Care as a child focused intervention strategy that will benefit communities well into the future. The OJJDP's demand for collaboration and "Whole Child" approach is the fundamental driving force behind our mission and the Midwest Trauma Services Network (MTSN).


Boston Children Foundation (BCF)

BCF, began its non-profit operations in 2004, with a base in Metro Boston and extended initiatives in the greater New England area, providing evidence-based traumatic stress reduction and disaster relief programs since 1996 with strategic partners in the behavioral and medical health fields. The BCF team is committed to offering clients an array of choices among services. In terms of community-based traumatic incident intervention, this spectrum of choice must include not only types of interventions, but also, perhaps most importantly, locations of care and culturally and linguistically compatible interventions.



Rainbowdance groups are highly structured and theme specific. Using carefully selected rhythmic orientation, through music and repetition, each group session is complemented by storytelling and theme based movement improvisations. The music used for this program is a composite of simple folk tunes and classical pieces; the stories and improvisations have themes of cooperation, respect, trust, honor, and gentleness, and are developed to expose each child to adaptive coping strategies for successfully meeting normal developmental challenges, as well as constructive solutions to conflict.
By offering a repetitive, sensorimotor menu of successful coping solutions and alternatives to violence, Rainbowdance provides a conditioning sequence that supports ongoing solution generation (essential problem solving skill component), ability to ask for help in challenging social situations, ability to take another peer's viewpoint and ability to self-soothe. The movement sequences are developmentally appropriate and allow each child to join and to succeed.

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The Coalition for Children and Families in Iowa

The members of the Coalition of Family and Children's Services in Iowa (Coalition) help millions of children and their families every day through mission-driven organizations dedicated to providing the services that children and families need.
Our member organizations, many of which have served their communities for generations, offer a continuum of services including: crisis intervention; Family Safety, Risk and Permanency; remedial Services; foster family care recruitment and retention; foster group care; emergency shelters; emergency services; delinquency prevention: detention; maternal and child health care; day care; psychiatric medical institutions; day treatment; independent living; nutrition; teen parenting; and special needs adoptions.
Through a public private partnership, we strive to improve the quality and accessibility of these services and work to positively impact public policy working in close connection with state agencies and legislative leaders.

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The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay brings help, hope and healing to people facing serious life challenges or trauma resulting from sexual assault or abuse, domestic violence, financial distress, substance abuse, medical emergency, suicidal thoughts, emotional or situational problems.
To be that extraordinary place where every person who is going through a serious life crisis can find the help, support and encouragement that they need to solve their problems and make tomorrow a better day.
As the staff and volunteers of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, we believe that true success is a highly motivated team of professionals working together to enrich client lives, creatively solve problems and make a real difference in our community. We are guided in all we do by a deep commitment to exceptional client services, value and respect, eagerness to learn and grow, and fiscal responsibility.