MTSN specializes in training with a focus on at risk populations during and immediately after traumatic events. Please email MTSN or feel free to call our office for further detailed information about any of the following trainings or program development consultations.


Psychological First Aid
Emotional stabilization in the acute phase of disaster or sudden fatality.

Post Traumatic Stress Management
Protecting vulnerable populations from biological and environmental maladaptive behavioral conditioning post-event.

Disaster Response
Protection of first responders and victims of disaster on scene and post event.

Foster and Adoptive Care Consultation and Training

MTSN trains foster care staff, foster parents and works directly with children who through no fault of their own find themselves in environments that don’t understand what they have been through. MTSN has a proven track record of family retention and increasing recruitment of families for children in need. This countries communities continue to struggle with the dynamics of foster and adoptive care. There are simply too many children and not enough families. Additionally, foster and adoptive children have much higher exposure rates to traumatic and chronic stress events than children from more stable environments. MTSN currently works with Foster and Adoptive Care in 3 states and the requests for training are at an all-time high.

Trauma Sensitive School Trainings

MTSN works in various capacities with schools across the country. From schools who have experienced an acute traumatic event to schools which deal with chronic poverty and other toxic stressors.  MTSN has curriculum and expertise in helping schools to a better social emotional culture that in turn augments academics.

Anti-Bullying: Aggression Reduction and Victimization Profiling
Reducing targeted aggression and increasing respect and self-regulation at your school or agency

In-Home stabilization protocols for youth and their parents
Informed by behavioral conditioning under stress and multigenerational development of maladaptive behaviors

In-Home Staff Trainings

The implementation of Families First will see big adjustments with increased programming being implemented in the home with more robust wrap around services, or at least that is the intent. With that in mind, how do you protect your staff? How do you balance the paperwork with the in home work? How do front line workers forced to take high case loads and inadequate resources and survive? How does the agency survive?  MTSN can help agencies and workers adapt to these reoccurring problems. We can help agencies provide support and resource for staff in a way that optimizes their effectiveness and adds to the bottom line of the agency by reducing turnover and costly mistakes.

Classroom-Community-Culture Based Intervention Service Continuum
Re-establishing social networks and affect management through resiliency based programming.

Suicide Prevention Initiatives
Interruption of potential suicidal behavior and re-orientation towards resilience.

Early Childhood Resiliency Initiatives
Structured ritualized interaction through music, rhythm, and repetition designed to enrich social connections and stabilize affect management.

Sanctuary Model
Introduction to and advocacy of an organizationally based philosophy of understanding stress as developed by Sandra Bloom.

Milieu Management
The majority of children using intensive social services have experienced multiple traumatic stressors, these stressors have evoked survival responses that compel the children to "act out" in ways that are often seen as frightening, anti-social or odd to authority and caregiver. Many times staff gets sucked up into the behavioral patterns of children in crisis, or behavioral patterns that seem "deliberate". Milieu management training will offer education, solutions, practice and mastery for those who work in at risk settings.

De-escalation Protocols and Restraint Reduction
Non aggressive client centered protection based on the deep understanding of neuromuscular activation and non verbal communication.

Social Worker/Clinicians
Introduction to and certification in PFA/PTSM (Psychological First Aid and Post Traumatic Stress Management), SPR (Skills for Psychological Recovery). Intro to trauma informed clinical practices such as TF-CBT, PFA for schools, CBITS. Guidance in emerging best practice models and up to date resources.

The MTSN supports the ARC model as a promising practice for working with at risk populations for more information, click here.