Trauma Response

Posttraumatic Stress Management (PTSM) & Psychological First Aid (PFA)

The PTSM development team works closely with SAMHSA, FEMA, DHS and Red Cross to incorporate evidence-based and emerging practice models for psychological first aid and recovery phase protocols

PTSM has been developed through extensive field practice and research over the last 10 years in the US and abroad; the PTSM design and development include gender specific, developmentally specific, culturally and linguistically specific post-violence psychological intervention and stabilization protocols.

PTSM is a series of highly structured, school and community-based responses following a violent or other traumatic incident.

PTSM targets immediate reduction of traumatic stress response and violence reduction while augmenting coping, resiliency and community bonding.

PTSM focuses specifically on impacted children, youth their families and their support systems within the community