Trauma isolates and shatters. Community healing rebuilds. 


Scope of Services 

The Midwest Trauma Services Network staff are primary responders and are frequently called upon for population stabilization in the aftermath of trauma or disaster. MTSN offers ongoing comprehensive and longitudinal consultation, training and capacity building for systems, agencies and persons working with children. 


“We must provide healing for young people who haven't had quality attachments in early childhood, otherwise they are only learning how to exploit the system."

- Frank Grijalva, Founder 


Our Mission

The mission of the Midwest Trauma Services Network (MTSN) is to provide integrated, community-based psychosocial stabilization initiatives utilizing state-of-the-art, trauma-specific intervention strategies to reduce the negative effects of maltreatment and exposure from traumatic incidents and disasters on children, youth, and their adult caregivers


Trauma Response

Building community teams in order to respond to individual and communal needs when trauma occurs.

Violence Reduction

Training responders in psychological first aid in order to reduce anxiety and retaliation.

Childhood Trauma Resolution 

Preparing children by teaching self regulation, coping and safety seeking skills through resilience building. 


Our Founders


Frank Grijalva came through the California system as a child adopted into a family challenged with mental health and substance abuse issues. Frank’s first professional training was as a special warfare diver attached to the Mariner Mammal program of the United States Navy. Later, as a stay at home dad for 2 kids and a student of psychology he became aware of and struggled with development, trauma exposure, and behavioral progressions.

Frank has worked with the International Trauma Center since 1999.
Frank has a BS in disaster psychology, an MSPH in Public Health and MA clinical psychology.


Dr. Robert Macy is one of only 13 experts nationally to be selected to siton the Barack Obama commissioned Attorney General’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence. This Task Force is part of the Attorney General’s broader Defending Childhood Initiative

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